Web Development Explained.

After designing the looks and graphic elements of your website, finally comes the most important step which is creating the website itself.Starting from the home page and then proceeding towards the sub-pages, the website finally starts taking form. As the programming codes are the building blocks of this task, Software Xprts Services Pvt. Ltd, a responsive web development company based in Delhi, strictly adheres to the standard procedures and principles of software engineering in order to avoid any errors or delays. The commercialization of the web network along with rapid globalization has brought up an innovative trend of developing more dynamic and interactive websites, keeping in view the compatibility of the server.

What's the difference?

There is really a very vague and thin line of difference between these two fields, and overtime this distinction is further diminishing. Technically speaking, web development refers to the non-design aspect of the process of building a website. While web designing involves working on graphic design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat etc. in order to create a blueprint of the looks of the website, on the other hand, web development involves working on software programming languages, like HTML, JavaScript etc. in order to transform this blueprint into reality.

Although as these two streams are so mutually-versed with each other, the Software Xprts Services Pvt. Ltd team consists of professionals being experts in both web designing and development which makes it more convenient for us to accomplish and coordinate our projects.

Web development process

We at Software Xprts Services Pvt. Ltd follow a standardized procedure for web development, commencing with the creation of static elements and layout to act as the foundation and then the inclusion of more complex features to act as the structure of the website. The three distinct stages of this process are:

Client-side scripting

Client-side scripting is the primary stage in which coding is prepared to be executed in the web browsers of your clients, as it defines what is visible to your website visitors.

Server-side scripting

Unlike client-side scripting, the server side scripting executes on a web server. It is the real mechanism behind the working of the websites.

Database technology

Database Management System is required by every site for storing its code, images, files and other data. Hence, it basically acts as the storage medium for the website data.

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